Now rocking on WordPress 3.9

dreineunI’m not able to recognize which self-hosted WordPress was the first I was working with. According to my folder where I collected the zip files, it was version 2.9.2. so I worked already with ten versions of WordPress and even older versions I have seen on many servers from my customers.
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WordPress Umfrage Plug-ins auf dem Prüfstand.

SurveyIconDie Aufgabe: Ein Hochschulprojekt wo ein Fragebogen erstellt werden soll.
Die Randbedingungen: WordPress, auf eigenem Server und mehrere Typen von Fragen und Antworten sowie kostenlos. Das WordPress Plug-in Repository hat etwa 121 Plug-ins im Bereich “Survey”. [Read more...]

Now we have the same like different menu for front pages

get different front pageThis is a WordPress Plugin which delivers different front pages (or Homepage or startpage) to different viewers according to a GET Parameter like .
So if the page slug is ‘different’ it shows this page as custom start page. This WordPress plugin has so less code, that I can’t write more about it. Thank you guys on

download from wordpress org

Custom Menu for different viewers

custom-menuI once thought I need different primary menus for different viewers.
In best case those users have a GET parameter which decides which menu has to be shown.

For Example:
You go into WordPress and add a menu with a name of your choice. I chose “music”.
Now if you want somebody view the music menu you have the parameter [Read more...]