Am I philosoph, programmer or just a tinkerer

1f6e0You sometimes ask yourself why it’s so hard finding a good WordPress developer. The reason for this is the following: WordPress is a mess in the eyes of normal php programmers. And if you are a programmer in any language you know how much you hate php. And then WordPress itself is a little inconsistent sometimes, this is getting better the last years, but still seems complicated, thats has a lot to do with a hyper sophisticated backwards compability. (Like this passage, click 🆒 9) Continue reading Am I philosoph, programmer or just a tinkerer

Burn your #budget with trashy #WordPress themes

burn-the-budgetIf you having a WordPress Website for your company or something real vital, keep away from cheap WordPress themes. Cheap is anything under 500 in an European currency . the reason for this is, that I have seen so many people ending up with a lot more money to fix things on the theme than to let somebody create a real good one once.
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The “not to blog” trend.

consuma-300pxThe first article I read was Tom McFarlins Introducing shorter blog posts. I think he mainly wrote this to add a paid version of his blog. No matter I thought, let him do this and leave him on his own devices. But than something crazy happend. I read a lot of tweets where people announcing, “I want to stop blogging” or I make shorter blog posts.

Some of them have real good reasons. Some have health issues, some others

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What is the best solution to write posts while on the train.

edit-select-all-300pxThe last posts always point to this article, but to find a solution was so easy it is not worth a post. The reason is that I am very often on the train and of course I want to write posts. But in some parts of the cruise my phone is simply offline. I tried a lot of tools. Google Docs does not work offline, the Dropbox text editor is even worse, when it tries to upload, you can’t continue writing.
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