Is SEO for #WordPress still an issue?

wordpress_search_engine_optimizationTo answer this we need to answer a few other questions.

Do you know what SEO is for, maybe you just don’t have a clue?

SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization and it is still a highly discussed subject in the area of the internet. Generally speaking we want to have more visitors on our website to sell our products better. Be honest selling is the number one point for SEO. We optimize for search engines. But also Matt Cutts from Google will agree with me when I say websites are for people and not for robots like search engines.
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A #WordPress fairy tale – #free #Genesis #Theme

fairy_tale_genesis_child_themeOnce upon a time … there was a WordPress beginner in the big cruel world of marketing. He wrote some posts and started to feel nobody is interested although he knew he was in a niche.

He gave up and thought by himself, who cares I don’t need to write anything more. But wait. Before I bury it, it should look nice.

This was the day were he met Enterprise, which was a daughter of Genesis Framework. He instantly fell in love with her clean attitude and appeared her as surface.
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Is #Google and #WordPress in sync? Clean your plugins

update-Google-WordPress-syncI wonder what was happen here. I read about that Google is making an algorithm change which is now giving mobile site more weight. Right around that date WordPress told me it updates automatically to WordPress 4.1.2 and one day before I read an email testing my plugins on WordPress 4.2. Crazy I didn’t saw this version until now. But the question is: Are they maybe somehow in sync? Post your comments about that. [Read more…]