​Can WordPress handle big data?

This is a question which is sometimes asked. But this question is seldomly answered.
You maybe read a lot about it or not. Here is one answer. WordPress is capable of handling big data in some boundaries. But to say clearly, that’s mostly dependent on Server environment. How much RAM and what PHP execution time. As we tried recently to use one million records of strings for some specific use case, we calculated that a JSON file of 28 Megabyte. In our Imagination it is not possible read that file somewhere because it will exceed execution time.

Than we came to a very often used conclusion again. We store this in wp_ options. As single Option it might be the same, it would definitely possible as a guy from WordPress told me once one Option can hold 4 gig, maybe the highest value of a field in MySQL? But the most used approach here is to count the options like option_name_(number). But we did it with Update _option(‘val’,’val’), as you recolonized the third parameter is missing. The third one is the autoload, when we leave it like this it kills WordPress on 260’000 records with 268 an error it exceeded 268 mb ram. When i take the third Parameter to $autoload =f alse everything runs smoothly and the project can go on.
If you write very Clean WordPress Code, WordPress is able to handle big data, if not better leave it on its own devices.

I am happy to hear your WordPress big data ideas over Twitter.

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