A way to order WordPress Themes.

theme folders headDuring daily work I often have the problem, that I have to many WordPress themes. I open up my themes pages under Appearance – Themes and then I see a bunch of WordPress themes. More than half of them I don’t need all the time. There is no way to sort them and I feel the page is even slower with many themes.

Because of this I start put the older themes into different folders, but WordPress don’t recognize them as theme and simply not showing them  anymore, thats good to have them out of sight.

theme folder viewIf you need this “old” theme folder you need to rename it. By luck WordPress has a very powerful function called register_theme_directory(); . But if you use this function the problem of sorting remains as the theme page is still showing them all in an unordered list.

This is why we create a plugin, where you can register the theme folders in the backend directly and have them shown by folders. That’s a real improvement.

Download the “Theme Folders” plugin on WordPress.org and share your thoughts under this post or simply rate it on WordPress.org

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