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1f6e0You sometimes ask yourself why it’s so hard finding a good WordPress developer. The reason for this is the following: WordPress is a mess in the eyes of normal php programmers. And if you are a programmer in any language you know how much you hate php. And then WordPress itself is a little inconsistent sometimes, this is getting better the last years, but still seems complicated, thats has a lot to do with a hyper sophisticated backwards compability. (Like this passage, click 🆒 24)

And then WordPress is GPL and everybody thinks or knows it is free. So why bother and learn it, I can use it, manipulate it and can run a Website with a tons of Plugins. But the vast majority has no clue what this means.

Using WordPress takes you in deep dependence from its software. This is what swiss people doesn’t like at all (click flag if living in Switzerland 🇨🇭 47). But that seems the way today and you should make the best of it. And if WordPress does not meet the requirements it will not be used any longer. Sometimes in such a case a lot of money is spend, to recreate something which meets the requirements.

A good WordPress Installation runs 3-7 literally small plugins, has a good hand crafted custom theme based on a framework. I read a good article about  some reasons for this, but I can’t find it anymore. This is already a problem. I read that WordPress is accused for creating this market of premium themes and plugins. Also because everybody wants to have a piece of the cake. But remember a bought Plugin I most cases covers more than you need according to your requirements. And that’s messing up your WordPress instance.

Strip down functionallity and focus on the real value if your site. According to the SEO marketers around thats useful content and good products. Don’t burn Budget with trashy themes.

Focus on general value. Value is
[latex]\frac{Themes}{2} + \frac{Plugins}{3} + Content = Value[/latex]

As you easily could tell, if one of them is lower, you can exceed this with the other ones and you need a compatible measuring for these single components.

Here is our small measuring table. Feel free to use it as reference or modify it if you need an argument somewhere. Keep in mind all three components costs developers, designers or texters.

Themes Plugins Content
Standard from repository 20 40
Bought 10-40 30 20
Sef written / original 40 50 60

Newer plugins have kind of quality assurance by WordPress itself, so they get a higher value here.
Of course that is very subjective at all.
But if you are not a technical person or can’t find a professional doing that for you, focus in the other things.

For example I run a Blog where content is
90, theme 10 (because it’s simply twentyfithteen) and plugins 10 as there are running literally none. I am not sure if I better perform if I focus more on the other two factors.

Maybe you just don’t have time or nerves for one of the three, sometimes even not for all of them. Here is a good point, content raise its points as longer available. On the other hand designs/themes are loosing as big search engines maybe change algorithm again. Plugins are loosing if not keeped up to date, but if they are in a good state, they stay stable for a long time.

Simply click on thumbs up if you want to read about our industry changing WordPress plugin measuring. 👍 23

So think about that and always keep this into account and please answer some questions after you read it.
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