Burn your #budget with trashy #WordPress themes

burn-the-budgetIf you having a WordPress Website for your company or something real vital, keep away from cheap WordPress themes. Cheap is anything under 500 in an European currency . the reason for this is, that I have seen so many people ending up with a lot more money to fix things on the theme than to let somebody create a real good one once.

Recently I met real bad stuff the Stockholm theme, tell me what you want , but its so bad and burns so much money and nerves.  I am so mad about it that I want to remove it from every market. But more as stating my opionon I can’t do. What a pity. It has a problem with some css and in the newest version, even some jquery things don’t run anymore. For what all these crazy js files are used they also don’t tell you. And the worst thing, they delete everything which is bad opinion about their theme. Shame on you.
I consider to start a blacklist of the worst programmed themes around.

The guys at rainmaker try to tell me the cost of a Website and they have incredible high numbers like a cost by 4000 a year for running a Website. And they have a number for 99$ for the theme, which they can do if they sell a Genesis theme, but of course you need somebody who is customizing Genesis for your needs. Genesis is very stable. But I don’t participate anymore in their affiliate program as i don’t like there recently announced pricing philosophy. They said they want to start a recurring price for Genesis themes, but that sounds like fear-mongering only.

All this brings me to direction, at work we stay only with Genesis. Thanks to the API themes can be build in JavaScript, too. On my private pages I don´t care anymore and concentrate more on computer linguistics, content, and plugins.

I am not the only one thinking like this. Read the article How much does a WordPress site really cost? by Tomaž Zaman. A second backing of my theories is the Managing a WordPress Website? by Jerod Morris and Why you should avoid Avada