Did you ever dreamed of tracking your WordPress work?

dash wordpress employee time tracking pluginHere is your new tool. The HRM work tracking WordPress plugin. You can see this article for a general overview.

This part is about the work time tracking for Users. It includes three dashboard widgets which are shown below. One of them is the main time tracking window which shows your name, status and your hours already done for this month. After activating the plugin they are on the bottom of the dashboard so you have to move them up manually. Remember the time is turning red if you are over your daily or monthly amount of time. This can be set by somebody with the HRM capabilities.

The capabilties for changing hours has the administrator who activated the plugin, you can read in the second widget who it is. But he can set other users too. The third widget is only a view of the current time. That is vital to see if your WordPress is in the right timezone. If not it is counting hours wrong. Of course you can get a a demo here with login demo and password omed1 . Don’t forget to choose your language on the top left. Gladly we also arrange an admin demo with you.

General time recording Dashboard Widget with the three options to pause work, quit work and declare ill

Just a dashboard widget with a view of the current Human Resource Management Admin. If the user_meta_data->tel is set it is also shown there

This is only a Clock as dashboard widget to check if your WordPress is in the right timezone.
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