GPL Plugins and themes are vital on #WordPress

As WordPress developer you are surrounded by a lot of guys using it and can install plugins for you, that it works somehow. But in case you need something special you mostly depend on good WordPress developers, and these are hard to find or very expensive. Don’t try to get very special functions for nearly free on, you will have more trouble with payments and stuff and in the lot of times you got the worst code quality.

On the other hand, you can buy a plugin and spending a lot of money on special functions. Be aware, the most plugins do more, than you require, so better ask yourself if not hiring a local developer speaking your language.

Also be aware that your developer is in charge of software licenses, when it comes to WordPress every software you should buy have to be GPL. In this case GPLDL comes into place. You can download paid plugins and themes for free there. And this has some advantages. Developers can test their own plugins in combination with paid ones without spending money on each. And innovation goes forward if GPL stays GPL, because inside GPL a lot of things are allowed and you can create real value with software based on GPL.

So maybe you need a shift in your thinking, pay developers and not plugins.
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