HRM Work Tracking – Daily time statistics for WordPress

Is it possible to view the daily time logs for each employee? I need to see the exact punch in/punch out hours for each employee.

“Yes, I looking for daily hours too. It would be very useful, Thanks ”

“I am looking for the feature in the HRM Work Tracking plugin “actual hours per day” and “actual hours per week”, also I need it to be select-able not just by month but by days as well.”

For all these guys there is light. Now the HRM Work Tracking for WordPress supports saving daily logs. The next step is to calculate the time in a specific week instead of the column “target hours per day” following the next few days .

To activate that feature go to Settings -> Daily Time Stats is on off
(Be careful this can produce a lot of records in your Database).

I think this is the only disadvantage: It is creating a database record storing daily time in seconds for every day for each user logged in this day.

Have fun with this incredible new feature.
download from wordpress org