HRM Work Tracking Version 1.3 is here. Improvements from the last months

hrm work tracking settings page
The new HRM Work Tracking Settings Page

Long time there were no update of the HRM Work Tracking WordPress Plugin. Now we want to introduce Version 1.3 which is the latest version and has some improvements you requested. One thing you didn’t requested but it was my main problem. I always forgot to stop the time tracking by quitting the work. Here are the new features:

Extra page only with counters

The new extra page consists only the widget from the dashboard, to have it as seperate window to keep track of working time. We call this window a Pop out as it pops out.

Function to stop time tracking on logout
Earlier this year somebody requested to stop the work time tracking on WordPress logout. This is now present and you can activate it on the settings page.

Function to auto stop time tracking after a certain amount of time.
As I said before, it was always my problem to logout or quit and I had incredible high hours each month. To prevent it counting further there is now the function which automatically stops work after a fifth of your weekly hours. So if you have 40 hours a week it stops after approximately 8 hours.

Remote Logging
Somebody asked for an option to count times remotely without having the user to log in. This you also can set on the settings page.

The Settings page
Setting pages are the core of any WordPress plugin. This is why we have an extra settings page only for the Staff Manager. Staff Manager is always the one who activates this plugin. Yo also can clear all times here now.

Version 2.0 is coming. With even more improvements. Stay tuned!
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