Is #Google and #WordPress in sync? Clean your plugins

update-Google-WordPress-syncI wonder what was happen here. I read about that Google is making an algorithm change which is now giving mobile site more weight. Right around that date WordPress told me it updates automatically to WordPress 4.1.2 and one day before I read an email testing my plugins on WordPress 4.2. Crazy I didn’t saw this version until now. But the question is: Are they maybe somehow in sync? Post your comments about that.

Seems to be it is a big cleaning day today- I first moved all of our unused plugins from the current WordPress install here to keep my plugins clean. Updating plugins, which are not mine was sometimes painful in the last months, some of them doesn’t work as expected anymore. In the next step I set the “tested up to” of our WordPress plugins to 4.2. although that’s might be wrong (but they said so) at least I have a little silence updating them again.

I think this only the beginning of big changes this year. By the way I am on the market again. So if you have a job for good WordPress developer write an email to info [at] this domain.

Yes that’s another subject. I thought maybe I have enough of Genesis but after reading about this Google update on 21th April I decided to leave it as it is. If you like this theme I used here keep an eye on this blog. Soon I will release it as free Genesis child theme.

This blue was the last year? Which color is the color of this year?