Is SEO for #WordPress still an issue?

wordpress_search_engine_optimizationTo answer this we need to answer a few other questions.

Do you know what SEO is for, maybe you just don’t have a clue?

SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization and it is still a highly discussed subject in the area of the internet. Generally speaking we want to have more visitors on our website to sell our products better. Be honest selling is the number one point for SEO. We optimize for search engines. But also Matt Cutts from Google will agree with me when I say websites are for people and not for robots like search engines.

Is something wrong with SEO, everybody does it and why do you discuss this again and again?

As already said SEO says we optimize for search engines and the jobboards are still filled with positions with five years of SEO experience. I agree everybody wants more attention for whatever reason and sometimes for any price. And the answer to whats wrong with it is simply if you sell quality and be honest in your business policy you will succeed if not you will strive for more attention but thats kind of wasting money.

You tell me page optimization is good but SEO might be evil, how do you harmonize this?

Page optimization is completely different. It says e.g. if your site is viewable on mobile devices and has no sensitive errors in the code. Search engine robots might be very lazy on validating code (they say) but the truth is they don´t tell you. For example they say it should render good on any browser but how exactly they find out? SEO is in some cases tricking the search engine giving the website a better or a different approach. And this is kind of evil or not. If you leave search engines on their own devices I can guarantee they sometimes better now whats the site about then you.

How can you say this about SEO if you try it yourself?

Do I try it if I don´t use any SEO plugin? I am optimizing my code and design for better accessibility. I agree thats allready kind of SEO but in my opinion the most underestimated part of it. It is only evil SEO when you try to sell something dishonestly. Do you agree with me on this? Please write your comments on the end.

Why is SEO for WordPress sometimes so hard?

Simply because its complicated. In detail it takes to much time, it needs additonal plugins and it is simply not doing what it should do out of the box. I was a big fan of Genesis Framework (read other articles) because they say its SEO optimized from the beginning. And I really believe they did it in all conscience. But Genesis seems like an orphan to me because they put more effort in another program based more on content. So doing SEO with WordPress is a waste of time. Better develop accessable themes. Sometitmes it feels like a poker game. I have seen people using tons of SEO plugins and never get any reputation and on the other hand I have seen websites using no SEO plugin at all and they are listed very high in Google.

Is there a difference between Social Marketing and SEO?

Some guys would say yes some others no Social Marketing is SEO. Social Marketing is all about fb, tweets and sometimes g+. Decide yourself if you think this is SEO. Post your comments below.

Ok if we stop SEO what should we do then?

If you have time try to produce content instead of doing SEO and promote the content over social networks, not the website. Yes here is a difference- Somebody wants to promote a website with no real information maybe, but the real value of a website is measured by content it provides and not the website itself.