language field plugin

lf_backend_englishDid you ever struggle with more than one language on a WordPress blog? In a world of globalization those struggles reach me very often.

One of those is the following case: The boss is writing articles in english but its a german company and needs some articles in german too. But the second language articles are unique and not only translations.

You maybe think that would be quite simple using WPML. But what are you doing if you need both languages on the start page?
For this special case, we wrote a plugin, which is able to show all languages on the home page and manipulates the query if some language is choosen. It also makes a difference in terms of SEO as it changes the line

<html xmlns="" dir="ltr" lang="en-EN">

according to your language.

If you want to change it to a text field you also can insert multiple languages as meta data. For a real working experience you can use it in combination with the no function language widget. On this Blog it is running with german as default language, the version you can buy at our webshop is english as default language.
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