NFWL no function language widget

nflw-frontendWe are happy to introduce a new WordPress plugin for multilingual blogs. Sometimes it is nescessary to combine two or more translation plugins into one WordPress. You are surely asking why to do this. Here is an example:

Imagine you have some people in your company providing their own translation but for some reason you also need machine translations of your content. In our specific case it was the plugin Global Translator and WPML. Of course all these plugins have their own widgets, but getting mad if you try to use them both because their widgets only work with the single plugin. So there was a need for a widget which has no function behind it to simply connect two plugins.

nflw-backendYou need to configure the WPML part for the languages with your own translations and the Global Translator part for those without.

In the no function language widget you simply choose the language codes with a comma seperated list. It even works if you need other names for your languages. Just replace the flag to your name for example rename de.png to german.png and use /german as your language base.

The plugin has a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 and you are allowed to use it for your clients and modify it as you please. To support development of more useful plugins, please buy it in our webshop. Check this article it is free now and if you find it useful you can donate.