Now rocking on WordPress 3.9

dreineunI’m not able to recognize which self-hosted WordPress was the first I was working with. According to my folder where I collected the zip files, it was version 2.9.2. so I worked already with ten versions of WordPress and even older versions I have seen on many servers from my customers.

WordPress is amazing in Version 3.9. I was running the beta before a long time already. I tried to update all my plugins, but because of some svn errors I will do this just step by step. But they are all working on 3.9 even if they indicate something else in the repository.
Ok I fixed my SVN problems by creating a HFS+ filesystem with case sensitive. Now they are all updated.

I also activated the WordPress Jemma Theme by Aaron Hartland based on Genesis Framework. Thank you Aaron for providing this for free. This is saving me a lot of time as I want to focus on plugin development and not any more on theme development.

I think – but I might be wrong- that search engines like HTML5 sites more than the older ones. The problem is that Jemma Theme is not HTML5. So I want to create a new one during the next weeks. Now you can see the new theme here. And also providing new Genesis Enterprise Legacy Theme for free now.

I thank you all for the [PDC] downloads of our plugins in total!

Check out our plugins here.

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