One WordPress release lasts only 120 Days #TTL

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbSomebody asked me how much effort it is to customize some template files of a big #WordPress theme and how long them will be active until a new version of a specific #plugin is released. From my long lasting experience I could tell you that a good maintained and mainly selled plugin is living around two WordPress major releases without significant changes.

But wait, how to tell this a customer? I don’t know but if you find this list of WordPress releases you can tell that since 4.0 approx. every 120 days a new major update of WordPress has been released. If you take the alpha, beta and rc stages into account it is only around 13 days. So the time to live for a WordPress plugin is around two-third of a year. So the answer to the initial question is, that it doesn’t make so much sense.