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HRM Work Tracking 1.46 downloaded 8389 times.
A plugin to track the time users spend on WordPress.

Language Field 0.8 downloaded 6619 times.
Set a different language code per page.

Theme Folders 0.2 downloaded 615 times.
A plugin to wrap different folders around your themes.

Label Plugins 0.4 downloaded 1007 times.
A plugin to label your plugins.

No Function Language Widget 1.6 downloaded 1916 times.
A plugin to show a language widget to bridge the gap between different multilingual plugins.

GET Different Menus 0.13 downloaded 333 times.
Get a different menu according to get parameter. used on this site.

GET Different Front Page 0.11 downloaded 560 times.
Get a different front page according to get parameter. used on this site.

Traffic Lights 1.0 downloaded 876 times.
Get a simple traffic light for your blog to show in project context.

fVote 0.51 downloaded 893 times.
A voting plugin for horizontal voting.