Save the world from ads.

It is all about advertising, every time, everywhere. Web clients have ad-blockers, people are jaded by ads. Companies like Google earning thousand of bucks a day. WordPress websites are containing more ads as we want. The bloggers having serious earnings from blogging are rare. And if you really think about it? You have a lot of stress because of financial things, unless you are one of the few percent of the very rich guys.

So here is a new theory. Stop spamming the world with your ads and keep focusing on being nice and networking. Or implement new cool features for your customers. Whatever you do, don’t try this with ads in your mind and all the stress will fade. Need a proof? Try it one week without ads on your site unless you are really living by this. If you really want to earn money with ads, take slidejoy or something similar.
This guy who is writing such an article is so mad and has no clue what he is talking about and wasted my time? Was that what you thinking about this post? Did your ads not doing the same?

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