Telegram tests are passed …

telegram-WordPress-bridgesMy Telegram messenger tests from the WordPress plugin repository are finished. The time beeing where the tests take place, there were 9 plugins for this search. Nearly one half left out as this were only sharing buttons. I tried Telegram sharing button for Jetpack, but after installing it, I could activate it in Jetpack but it does not work on the front end.

This post is a little outdated. We have good news… We found the Chatbro which you can see on the bottom right and chat directly. It is so good but you have to be careful because it is public. So don’t share sensitive data. I hope the Telegram bot plugin will run again.

Than I tested the Teleter plugins and they don’t seem to work. Might be because of the fact the page is non SSL. Also all the plugins need a Telegram bot, which can be created with @botfather inside Telegram itself. The first I found was the “Telegram for WordPress” by an iranian guy, it looks very promising but I didn´t get it running, maybe again the SSL issue.

So there where two plugins left. One was the “AUS Telegram Bot Notifier” and the other one the “Telegram Bot & Channel” by Marco Milesi. The AUS Telegram Bot Notfier had an interesting approach but it somehow acts wrong and always posts the same to my channel every hour. But maybe we can take the AUS plugin as basis for another interesting plugin or personal app. The second one, the “Telegram Bot & Channel” is a much bigger plugin and it has a lot of options. It is even working without SSL if you use it with It also claims that it could write extensive Telegram bots. Thats might be true but I never came across more than two commands, maybe because my lack of time.
So lets have a look with what we came up next with Telegram, WordPress and Twitter.

Coming up next on (maybe in a different order)

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