The HRM Work Tracking Plugin for WordPress recently updated.

wphrmwt hashtagNow we come very near for what the HRM WordPress Tracking plugin was originally intended. Content Managers always asking how long people really spend on writing an article. They maybe want to know how long employees might be logged in into WordPress. And this is it. The WordPress Time Tracking plugin for the human resources department offers a few new ways to track exactly that. The process of developing that had man trials and errors along the way. Finally it is here. Also we start the experiment of supporting the plugin by Twitter. Thats not new but very exciting.

Here are the detailed changes.

Welcome Page
We created a welcome page, where you can read a few things to get started with the plugin. It is not written in a cool way as we are not that many developers and the time for good language is sometimes lacking. Maybe you want to join development. This page only can be viewed by the person who activated the plugin.

The HRM Post Timer
HRM Post Timer WordPress Time tracking PluginThis is a meta box in the post edit screen. It is counting how long you spend on a post or page. It is doing that with JavaScript. We tried to do this without JavaScript before by getting for example the post meta data “_edit_lock”. That doesn’t work good. But if you like this idea we left all the code commented out into the source files. It is assuming you click save or publish before leaving the post edit screen.

My Work Page
my-work-page-hrm-work-trackingAll the counting counts nothing if you are not able to show it somewhere. You can go to the Users menu and click “My Work” and see how much time you spend on post in the given period of time. Remember this feature is beta but already working. Our latest effort was to make it also available for any custom post type. Isn’t that amazing? WordPress is so powerful. If you copy that page into your favourite word processing you can use it as detailed report about your work.

And last but not least the language
We are german developers and we like it of course having german strings in the code. For our international fans we decided to make the new plugin completely in English. That might be a problem for german users. But we are on it and translate it as far as possible. We would be very happy to see if we can get help in translation in as many languages as possible. In version 1.41 we are planning to have all strings in the I18n.

I hope you like this plugin and it is useful to you. If you want to show if somebody is online you should check out Traffic from wordpress org