The Leaflet Map Widget for WordPress. Leave Google Maps now.

As maybe recognized, Google Maps needs an API Key to be embedded on your own website in recent times. And you probably know that there are some real cool plugins for OpenStreetMap in the WordPress repository. But OpenStreet Map looks not so pretty. So you maybe heart of Leaflet.js, a JavaScript component for OSM. And there in the WordPress repository is really one good plugin for this. Its called, what a wonder, Leaflet Map and now you also can find the Leaflet Map widget, shown on the left side.

This is the time to leave, leave Google maps. This is your time. Although its using Googles geocoder it isn’t dependent anymore on their maps. Wikimedia maps are fairly similar to Google maps, so I like this.

This plugin is also the proof, that you can upload extensions of existing WordPress plugins to the repository. Have map fun!