The news which are coming with the REST API of WordPress

applications-other-800pxLast month a collegue I met at WordCamp Zurich pointed me to the article Human Made Publishes Free WordPress REST API Whitepaper and in this article it was like its by Automattic which it is of course not. But all of the sudden it covers a few interesting facts.

I just want to summarize a few of the key points.

  • As the WordPress REST API is coming with a JSON stream of the content it has new opportunities for Front-End developers, because they are not longer bounded to WordPress theming and they can make a whole new experience in whatever programming language.
  • According to this, the classic WordPress developer is a Back-End Developer. Thanks that my job finally really has an offical name.
  • All developers have new opportunities by the REST API

But as it sounds very good and opens a new whole world some disadvantages came to my focus.
Did you remember how much plugins do you bought? Did you remember how often do you used WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and Gravity forms? All these plugins are going directly in part of a WordPress theme called in the hook “the_content”. With a JSON stream of the content this is (in my opinion) not longer possible as the JSON really is a step forward to Model-Viev-Controller (MVC) architecture.

And this no longer will support controlling elements into the stream? If I am wrong just write comments to stop me, spreading this rumours. But I bet there are so many plugins working inside the content which are not working any longer then. All of these plugins will go. On the other hand new apps and plugins will evolve, making use of the API.

Share your thoughts on this, please.

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