The “not to blog” trend.

consuma-300pxThe first article I read was Tom McFarlins Introducing shorter blog posts. I think he mainly wrote this to add a paid version of his blog. No matter I thought, let him do this and leave him on his own devices. But than something crazy happend. I read a lot of tweets where people announcing, “I want to stop blogging” or I make shorter blog posts.

Some of them have real good reasons. Some have health issues, some others

want to leave social media behind as there is so much negativity in it. I thought a lot about this. And these things came to my mind:

Why in the world is somebody writing blog posts?
The answer to this is as easy as pie. People want to gain attention and people want to make content marketing on their intellectual properties. In the end its might be all about money. And that is totally ok.

But maybe they didn’t think about the pitfalls. In my opinion, people are not able to read so much blog posts, the mosts blog posts are not recgognized by a vast amount of readers. So producing shorter content, which is ignored anyways, will point a way.

More shorter content with less information.
And I really doubt that this is good for you guys. Because whats our main intention? What are you doing the most? Exactly content marketing and search engine optimization.

So think about this:

Google will not longer value shorter posts as valuable content.

Thats not the truth but an estimation by me. You are questioning how I came to this conclusion? I don’t know but it was the first thought which came to my mind after reading a few of these tweets. Sure, content is king, short content queen, and no content is nothing. In Marketing there is something far beyond SEO and this is exactly we have to find.

And what I know, you didn’t read these lines anyways. If you read it, post your comments.


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