The roundup with Calypso, Telegram and SEO

I am pretty sure you are just intrested in one subject of the title and its still a wonder for me how did you find this post. Just want to Update you with a short overview of recent thoughts and activities. Also want to give you a short preview of the next posts and articles.

The subject:
I stopped to advertise for Genesis framework. Never selled it anyways. And they change their selling model to a recurring one. So if you don’t get it now, I can’t help it. I bet sooner or later WPML will do this too.

So as WordPress claims they have 25% of the Web, they published a whitepaper with the same title, mainly around the former mentioned REST API, I hope I’ll find time to read it.  Ah yes this was the next subject, if the REST API could have a good effect on SEO. But first I want to test it here and in the moment there are no capacities to do so.  And of course, but not intentionally, they have a dashicon for 25 percent .

Dashicons, yes you know them and with Font Awesome, Socicons and Emojis the age of images is finally over. And the age of E-Mail maybe is also over. This is why I constantly promote Telegram, of course Threema might be a lot better, but its more secure and not so open for further development. At least in Font Awesome exists a paper plane, which mainly was the symbol of Telegram. And here we try to test all the nine plugins with the search query “telegram” in the official WordPress plugin repository. article comming soon. To join us during the tests just visit I am also very curios whats gonna happen and maybe I get help from you.

I am not sure if I like the new Calypso. The Android App is pretty cool to write some stuff on the train but it lacks to much functionalities, I need in my WordPress. Also it feels very slow, not running on legacy machines (like mac os x 10.6.8) and so on. So I keep it but I am not sure if I want to use it.

The last thing, altough I love open source software, I am a full employed WordPress consultant and developer at a small agency now. EVen tried to work wit hCodeable but I am to less communicative for this. Keep an eye here for announcements and reviews of above mentioned plugins.