Twitter is not suitable for webcams but WordPress is very good instead.

We recently run a WordPress component which was connected to a webcam. The cam was installed on my balcony and was a so called weathercam. The WordPress part was no problem and is still running. A heavier problem was the Twitter connection, we did everything right and connected it as app over the Twitter API. It had an interval of ten mintues. But than we made a mistake. As we are nerds we tried to stress a natural language processing Twitter bot and mentioned him in every tweet. After half a day Twitter blocked us first time. Than we thought, hey we should leave that and try it again but they also rejected our access and security tokens, after one day again. We found a hint somewhere in the Twitter guidelines, that tweeting every time the same is against so called “automation rules”, search for this if you want to know more. I really wonder how millions of bots can survive on Twitter posting a lot of the same content in a regular interval .

Conclusion: Twitter is not made for webcam streams. On the other hand WordPress is very good for this particulary use case. Keep an eye here, we probably testing a few WordPress webcam plugin in the near future. And if you need something tailored for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us directly with info@this-domain, but be aware, we are working for a swiss company, so thats might not be cheap.

WordPress is often running on a shared hosting and we don’t want to exceed webspace.
So we want to know from you, which might be a good service to post a lot of images of a weather observing webcam?

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