We adopted a #child – The #WordPress #Twitter #Bot

vogelHi Fans and Plugin Users. Today we announce a new plugin we adopted from another Developer Chris Charlton. The child is called the “WordPress Twitter Bot” and Chris was so nice to let us completely take it over. Thank you very much for this. You can read an article when it was born on 7th December 2008 here https://newwebmasters.net/wordpress-twitterbot/.

Since this time the world changed. Twitter is becoming more important, Heartbleed scaried us and Twitter changed its API. By luck brother Abraham build a PHP – OAuth Library for this. And so our nearly 6 year old child also needs transformation as it is growing up.

In the moment we update it step by step. Many things are also running very good with Twando so we don’t want to create a “second Twando”. We have some ideas but we are still not sure which we can and want to realize.

Try it https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-twitterbot/. It needs something called liboauth-php on the webserver.

Tweet us if you have any questions.