Why is my SEO still so bad?

Search-Engine-Optimization-Word-Cloud-Typography-2400pxI did everything: I bought Genesis framework, have the latest WordPress installed and also yoast. I have a very cool Twitter channel. But my SEO is still so bad I can’t imagine. The only thing I could imagine it is still such a niche that people are not searching it so frequently. Remember SEO is kind of evil (read here) and you telling me something about it again and again.

I am so bored by these million of SEO articles.
Do you feel like this?
Do you dream of the fact “I don’t want to care about SEO” ?

Search Engine Land is stating the main facts are the

<title> tag
<meta descritption=””> tag
<structured data> tags
<heading> tags
( https://searchengineland.com/guide/seo/html-code-search-engine-ranking )
Oh thats what you reading everywhere?

In my opinion it is no wonder if structured data is the most important of all. You can read here the article about the WordPress REST API which provides its results in JSON. So it is no suprise that Google adopted a new structured data format from w3.org called JSON-LD. As I am working as WordPress developer in a small swiss agency I always had to be on the top of all that technology and I have to investigate further in this. And yes it is sometimes very hard, as everyday something new comes up. Lets see when I can write a bigger article about JSON-LD.

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