Why to change your #WordPress #themes regularly.

As blog writer you sometimes not knowing everything about the technology. as we all know WordPress is so powerful, that only a small amount of people know every detail of the Software. But I don’t wanna target programmers right now. I want encourage you, changing your WordPress themes on a regular basis. For sure you tell me now: it works good, why change, its totally custom, why i should change it, it cost me 40 bucks, thats waste.

Only if you can tell me it was so expensive that a London based developer is paid for one week than skip this article. Otherwise read it! The WordPress theme market is under any circumstance surely the biggest template market worldwide, plus thousand of free themes and the 13225 from the repository.

If you have so many options what will happen? Compare this to fruit or anything else where you ever thought it has to many choices. Yes, you don’t have clue and now idea about the differences. That is why I want to tell you its a good idea changing your WordPress theme more often. Because your blog might be an important marketing tool. For what you writing a post if not for the sake of #SEO?. The big search engines improve often, to deliver better user experience. When they improve, you should too. This is one reason to change the theme regularly. Maybe the game has changed, and a newer WordPress and theme will take this into account. Another reason is #security. By the rise of WP-Scan you can find a lot of vulnerabilities for WordPress themes. And the third reason might be stagnation of readers, but that happens during holiday seasons or by the fact of the first reason. And never forgot don’t buy trashy themes..

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