With the WP API towards to semantic web

lod-cloud_coloredRemember the image on the right? It is the open linked data cloud and you probably saw it already in a slide of some referee about the semantic web. There is a new development already planned since 2012. The WP API. What does it mean? Basically speaking it is a JSON interchange Format as REST Service for standard WordPress functionallity. They want to merge it two steps into the core of WordPress.

First Stage, the architecture , second in Version 4.5 the endpoints. As you can guess the most people have dangerous superficial knowledge about it. And for sure this is a big step. Running towards to the semantic web and open linked data we still don’t know which security issues arise. According to my own research on 4.4 nothing happens and afterwards posts, pages and users are officially provided as JSON files also. I don’t believe as long you have no extra plugins working with the API that there is so much more open. Stay tuned here for API tests and if they maybe have an effect on SEO.

“Linking Open Data cloud diagram 2014, by Max Schmachtenberg, Christian Bizer, Anja Jentzsch and Richard Cyganiak. https://lod-cloud.net/